Introduction to Sping Grass

Performed Culture approach (PCA) is utilized in the designing and developing process of Spring Grass Materials. Understanding more about this approach will definitely help the instructors succeed in using this course kit in the classrooms.

PCA is ...... developed by Dr. Galal Walker at The Ohio State University ... (Zhini)

The Spring Grass (named after the original novel Chuncao 春草) course and materials were designed using the “Performed Culture” approach to Chinese language instruction. Performed Culture draws upon many philosophical and pedagogical traditions to create a set of guiding principles that can be applied to a number of methodologies. Using these materials does not require you to go against the pedagogical methodology of your current program, nor does it lock you into using certain textbooks for the other classes in your program. Used as intended, these materials will help you deliver a course in which students are the center of instruction, and ideally, “they will think they accomplished everything themselves” (百姓皆谓我自然—Laozi 老子).

                                               - from Spring Grass Materials Preface, by Pat McAloon

     Spring Grass Materials Preface

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