About Author

Qiu Shanshan was born in 1958 in Zhejiang, her ancestral home, and graduated from Sichuan Normal University 四川师范大学 with the Chinese major in 1983. She was a teacher and an editor after graduation.

Since 1984 she has begun creative writing. Presently she has published seven volumes of The Collected Works of Qiu Shanshan 《裘山山文集》; the novels including I Shall be in Heaven Waiting for You 《我在天堂等你》, Spring Grass 《春草》, and the lengthy documentary prose: Faraway Heaven 《遥远的天堂》, as well as the novelette Where the Sound of the Qin Comes 《琴声何来》. Her works total four million characters.

She has been awarded the “Lu Xun Literary Prize, 鲁迅文学奖” “The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Literary Award, 中国人民解放军文艺奖” “Sichuan Province’s Literary Award, 四川省文学奖” “Bing Xin Prose Award, 冰心散文奖” and the monthly periodical “Hundred Flowers Award, 百花奖” along with “Xia Yan Movie Literary Prize. 夏衍电影文学剧本奖” She now lives in Chengdu.

Qiu laoshi co-taught Spring Grass piloting class at OSU in 2011 and helped immensely with the course kit development. With her participation, students gained great insights into the cultural background of the novel and how each character is created.

Qiu laoshi came back to visit the students in 2015 and gave a talk about herself and answer question students had about the novel and other social & cultural issues. Take a look: