Learners' essays

By design, after studying the material for one semester, the course will shift its focus from oral narration to written narration. Students are encouraged to reproduce the narrative style that they have learned from the novel to make their own stories appealing to native Chinese readers. During the Spring Grass course piloting with Qiu Shanshan at The Ohio State University in 2011, the students were asked to create their own narratives to engage native Chinese readers. The results were very satisfying and rewarding - later on, six of the short stories were selected to be published on the Tianya (Frontier) magazine in China, Issue 6, 2011, in the column “Foreign Students’ Chinese Compositions”.


Tianya (Frontier) (Bi-Monthly Magazine) was first published in 1980. Presently it has become one of the most important intellectual and cultural magazines nationally. This magazine mainly publishes novelettes and short stories, and also covers poetry, prose, and literary criticism.