Original Novel

The course kit of Spring Grass is based on the popular Chinese novel Spring Grass 《春草》 by Qiu Shanshan (裘山山). It tells a story of an ordinary woman, “Spring Grass” (春草), who grows up in a small village with no formal education, yet goes to urban areas, fighting to settle down in a city, struggles against her fate, perseveres, and ultimately approaches the realization of her dreams.

This 33-chapter novel, which perfectly corresponds to the 33-episode television show, is used as the main “textbook” in the curriculum. Using a combination of intensive and extensive reading strategies, students go through a series of authentic post-reading activities, learning to handle a piece of authentic Chinese text as a native speaker of Chinese will do.  By asking students to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the TV language and the novel language, the instructor can draw students attention to the difference between spoken and written languages. 

If you are interested, read the following for more information and to purchase the book: