E-book with Audio

The complete novel was converted into an online E-book with audio, which is part of the Readers' Tool collection.  Students are encouraged to listen to the book while reading so as to lessen the burden of recognizing Chinese characters. Moreover, the E-book also provides great convenience for students to make notes or look up in dictionaries by simply copying and pasting. Students are also encouraged to use the search function to locate keywords in skimming and scanning so as to increase their reading efficiency. Acoustic reading assignment is also designed to help students improve their pronunciation, tones, intonation and fluency through imitating the professional broadcaster who made the audio for the novel.

Spring Grass 《春草》 E-book with Audio
(Password required. Please contact eastasia@osu.edu for access, or contact your instructor if you are taking the course.)


Below are the two important functions that will benefit the learners:

1. Look up highlighted word 划词查词典
Select a word using the mouse, a yellow “查词典” tag will pop-up. Click on it, you’ll see the translation from Dict.cn (it might take a while to load).




2. Search for occurrences of a word 搜索词汇的使用情境
Use the search box on the upper-right corner to see all occurrences of a specific word within their contexts in the entire novel.