TV Drama

In this curriculum, we utilize the 33-episode television show Spring Grass, an adaptation of the novel of the same name, to visually contextualize what is read from the novel. Students are encouraged to watch the television show before reading the corresponding novel chapter to get an idea of the storyline. A cultural theme is extracted from each episode, drawing students’ attention to the hidden cultural phenomenon of the story. The television show is also used as prompts for students to hone their oral narration skills. We have selected scenes of greater cultural significance for students to focus on. Students are guided to narrate the story not only from the perspective of a narrator, but also from different roles in the show, by imitating their various tones.


The above site shows the adapted TV drama Spring Grass with synchronized scripts and other advanced functions.

How to use:

1. Select the desired episode from the top list of thumbnails;

2. The scroll on the right displays a brief introduction of that episode (本集简介), or click "同步字幕" to show the synchronized scripts;

3. Functions of the video controls:

4. When the script is displayed, the video and the script are fully synchronized:

a) The script will scroll along with the video when scene changes
b) Clicking the title of each scene ("场景一", "场景二", etc) in the script will enable the video to play that scene
c) The script will scroll to the correct scene when:

i. “previous scene” or “next scene” button is clicked,
ii. the black “play head” arrow is dragged to a new position,
ii. a bar for a specific scene is clicked.