Lesson plans

The lesson plans demonstrate a cycle of instruction designed for a one-year sequence of classes that meet for about one hour each day, five days per week. We recommend this instructional cycle since it is carefully thought out and extensively tested. However, instructors can easily chop off some parts to fit in curriculum having less credit hours or stretch out over the course of a longer period of time as necessary.


Sample Lesson Plans and useful Appendices:

List of Units
Sample Lesson Plan: Unit 03 (First semester, week 3)
Sample Lesson Plan: Unit 19 (Second sememster, week 4)
Appendix 1: Marks & Symbols for Essay Correction 作文批改符号及其说明
(for teachers and studnents 供师生共同使用)
Appendix 2: Essay Grading Scale 作文评分标准(for teachers and studnents 供师生共同使用)
Appendix 3: Essay Grading Sheet 作文评分条 (for teachers 供教师直接打印、粘贴使用)