CAVO stands for Computer Adaptive VOcabulary Assessment tool. It is a useful online tool for Chinese vocabulary assessment along with some handy functions, such as vocabulary analyzer, etc.

In Spring Grass, we use CAVO as a useful tool for students’ self-assessment of their vocabulary knowledge. Teachers are encouraged to design other in-class quizzes to further assess students’ application of new expressions in different contexts.

We also encourage students to copy & paste texts into the Vocabulary Analyzer tool and utilized its helpful functions of frequency analyzer and rollover dictionary for their reading comprehension.

How to register:

1. Instructors: please register a free instructor account. After being approved, your students can sign up for free under your school account.

Or, you can always try out CAVO as an instructor with the following:
Password: review
Click “Vocabulary Test” on the top, and you’ll see the customarily created tests for different chapters of Spring Grass listed under the three standard tests. Click on them to take the test.

2. Students: Please register under your school. Or as "Individual Learner" to try it out.